Friday, February 24, 2012

Chronic Pain iPhone Application

Chronic pain is a medical diagnosis that, when discussed with a doctor, requires a lot of data to be taken about the nature of your pain problems.  In addition to possible brain scans and an office visit, most physicians require new patients to keep a pain diary.  This pain diary is a way for patients to record the intensity, duration, and frequency of their pain symptoms throughout the day and night.  This pain diary may be required to cover any time frame from a few days to several weeks.  With this data, the physician can make more informed and accurate treatment decisions tailored to the patient's unique pain pattern.

Technology creators and developers have recognized this phenomenon as well.  A sufferer of chronic pain actually developed an application for the iPhone called "My Pain Diary".  It is specifically designed to help people keep track  of their pain, both for their own benefit and as a data collection tool for their physicians to view.  The application can be customized for whatever medical condition a user is experiencing.  The application is quick and easy to use, and only requires the user to input a few words about their pain.  With that information, it creates charts and graphs to represent the chronic pain symptoms.  It can also use a locator feature so it will input where you were when you updated the diary with your symptoms.  You can then print a report with the data you've collected and give it to your doctor.  The developer of this application hopes that the electronic nature of the pain tracker is more convenient and easy to use than having to have a pen and pencil with you at all times to track your pain.

Chronic pain is a serious and life-altering diagnosis.  If you have been having trouble sleeping and have also had consistent pain lasting over six months, it might be time to consult with a doctor.  If this pain was caused by an accident due to the fault of another, it may also be time to consult with an attorney.   If you would like more information about this page or central Pennsylvania attorney Doug Stoehr's areas of practice, contact our Altoona, Pennsylvania, law firm by calling 814-946-4100. 

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