Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Exercises To Help With Pain

Sufferers of chronic pain are often told to incorporate exercise and stretching into their daily regime.  In addition to medication, exercise and stretching are also useful in controlling and monitoring pain.  This is especially useful in situations where chronic pain is more localized and less diffuse throughout the body. 

One reader of Pain Pathways Magazine wrote in with a question in the Spring 2012 issue regarding severe quadratus lumborum (lower back) pain that had become chronic.  The pain specialist answered her question and wrote back with some stretching techniques that could work to relieve the pain and allow her to walk and participate in other light exercising without muscle pain or spasms.  The three types of exercises the pain specialist recommended were:

1.  Core strengthening exercises.  This is similar to traditional crunches that work to strengthen the area around the pelvis and abdomen.  There are many versions of abdominal crunches that might help to improve posture and relieve back pain.

2.  Flexion distraction techniques.  These are movements that you can perform with the help of a special table.  They work to stretch the spine through a series of small pressure movements. Ultimately, it works to decrease inflammation in that area.

3.  Myofacial release.  This is a technique used by a therapist to work through the deep tissue layers and restore range of motion.  It can be used for many different musculoskeletal pain issues.

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