Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Artficial Spinal Disc Procedure

 Back pain, in general, is a problem that is extremely common among adult Americans.  Chronic back pain often stems from this ailment and may lead to years of problems and discomfort.  According to a recent article by American News Report, there is a new procedure available that might help some of these chronic pain sufferers.

In some cases, surgery may be the only option to relieve the symptoms of chronic pain back.  Keeping this in mind, researchers at Brigham Young University have recently engineered an artificial spinal disc.  This disc involves a mechanism that aids in natural spine movement and may help to restore some function in the spine.  The BYU engineers working on the new artificial spinal disc, who tested it on human cadavers, reported results showing that their disc behaves very similarly to normal human spinal discs.  This is a good alternative to the other currently available procedures for chronic back pain.  Presently, the most widely used surgery to aid in back pain is spinal fusion, a surgery with only a 50% satisfaction rate.  In this procedure, the generative spinal disc is replaced with bone to join two adjacent discs. According to the article, the newly-developed artificial BYU disc has been licensed to Crocker Spinal Technologies, which could begin international sales of the device as early as next year.

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