Monday, September 17, 2012

Social Media Insurance Policies?

Great Britain is now offering insurance exclusively for social media-related activities.  We can only assume that the United States will also such a service in the coming years. Social media can be very important in helping or hurting a personal injury claim. It is important to monitor what you post on websites such as Twitter or Facebook in order to avoid compromising the validity of your claim. Attorney Doug Stoehr recommends the following thought process when posting online: if you don't want the entire world to see what you're posting, don't post it. Your social media updates are not as private as you might think and may be brought up as evidence in a courtroom. For more information on his law practice, please click here.
More information about Great Britain insurance companies' new social media coverage may be found by reading below. 
The following article was originally run by the Insurance Business Review's online website, IRB.comon 9/17/2012.  The original article may be read below or can be accessed by clicking this link.
ALLOW, the information privacy company, has implemented the UK’s first social media insurance for consumers, with a strategy to deal with the impact of reputational damage, account jacking and all other forms of ID theft.
Under the insurance cover, all the subscribers of ALLOW will get payment for legal advice and expert support in the event of a claim.
According to the service provider, the support includes legal assistance to help from online search experts to locate and remove, or bury, offending material.
This process of burying content, or 'reverse SEO', would normally cost thousands of pounds and is not generally available to the average consumer, ALLOW said.
ALLOW CEO Justin Basini said there were cases of hacking, account hijacking and reputational damage emerging all the time.
"Anyone that has suffered as a result of having their identity stolen or a third party taking over their accounts will know that this can be a distressing and arduous process to put right. We've got the solution," Basini added.
The company said the insured amount is £10,000 in professional fees and supplementary costs for any one incident in respect of identity theft or account jacking, or £3,500 in respect of any reputational damage sustained.
ALLOW's insurance supported protection for its members forms an integral part of the ALLOW Protect service, which costs £3.99 per month.
ALLOW Protect assists people with Facebook privacy, data protection, cutting down spam/ junk mail, blocking online tracking, and guarding against ID fraud by monitoring their personal data.


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