Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mapping The Brain For Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a disorder that affects thousands of Americans every year.  Chronic pain can result from surgical adhesions, a neurological condition, or as a result of an accident or injury.  Given the proliferation of Americans suffering from chronic pain, many researchers are now directly their studies to find the causes, treatments, and prevention methods associated with chronic pain.

Researchers at the University College of London who were examining chronic painrecently mapped the brain using MRI techniques to see how brains register, respond, and process pain signals.  This study was the first of its kind in the fact that the researchers individually mapped pain responses relating to individual fingers on a subject.  Such finely tuned mapping had never been widely available before this study.  When analyzing the results of this study, researchers discovered that the brain pathways associated with pain and touch are very similar.   This is interesting, as other studies have researched the link between touch and pain and how the brain sometimes confuses the two.

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