Tuesday, January 21, 2014

ATVS and Dirt Bikes: Pittsburgh Fights Back

Do you or anyone you know enjoy riding all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) or dirt bikes? Did you know, that in Pennsylvania, you can not ride ATVs or dirt bikes on city streets?

Pittsburgh is having difficulty with these issues, as many teenagers have been found riding these vehicles on city streets.  Local residents have grown tired of these incidents, and have petitioned for mandatory insurance and registration for dirt bikes, ATVS, and other off-road vehicles.  They are also requesting that the drivers of these vehicles have a valid drivers license.  At this time, the petitioners feel that there is not enough protection against potential injury and property damage that may result from this kind of vehicular accident. 

It should be noted that, within the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code, all-terrain vehicles need to be registered with the Department of Transportation.  A license is not required for drivers of these vehicles. There are no clear laws pertaining to the registration of dirt bikes. 

ATVs, dirt bikes, and other off-road vehicles (such as snowmobiles) are also a leading cause of serious injury among Pennsylvanians, especially among our state’s youth.   Attorney Doug Stoehr of Altoona, PA handles cases involving injury as a result of accidents involving off-road vehicles.  For more information about Attorney Doug Stoehr and his Blair county area practice, please visit his website at http://www.stoehrlaw.com or call his law firm at 814-946-4100.

For more information about Pittsburgh residents’ battle against all-terrain vehicles on its city streets, please visit the original article here: http://wesa.fm/post/city-council-hold-meeting-illegal-dirt-bike-and-atv-riding.

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