Thursday, February 20, 2014

Financial Scams and the Elderly

Financial abuse and fraud against the elderly appears to be on the rise, especially in Pennsylvania as much of our population ages.  Altoona area attorney Douglas Stoehr has been keeping an eye for this issue and his law firm has compiled a useful group of blog posts that may help you spot the signs of elder financial abuse and how to potentially stop elder financial abuse from occurring in your home. There are also several real-life stories to browse that highlights elder financial abuse in the PA area.

Here are some of the useful resources our blog has highlighted:

Elder Scam: Money Stolen by Family Members

Financial Fraud and the Elderly

Elder Financial Abuse in York, PA

Protecting Loved Ones from Financial Abuse

Ways to Lighten The Financial Load for Elderly Relatives

Attorney Doug Stoehr also represents elder abuse victims and their loved ones in the central and western Pennsylvania area.  For more information on his personal injury practice, please click here or call his office at814-946-4100.

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