Thursday, March 6, 2014

Chronic Pain Can Affect Office Performance

Do you suffer from chronic pain?  It might be hard to get your job done during the day, especially if you are sitting for a large amount of time.  Millions of Americans suffer from this problem, and a Seattle-area news website offered up some tips to help sufferers of chronic pain more effectively function during the work day.  Here are a few of their tips below:

  • Regularly stretch tense muscles during the day, especially those in your back and neck.
  • Try to take walks during the work day.  Even a brief stroll around the office can relieve pressure on your spine and increase blood flow.
  • Pick a chair that will support your body in an appropriate and comfortable way.

The majority of chronic pain begins in the joints and muscles, but then can move into the central nervous system. There is also research that has shown that persistent pain can re-map brain pathways, making pain worsen over time.  To manage this, it is best to consult with your physician as soon as you begin to feel chronic pain symptoms.  Catching the problem early may make treatment easier, less time consuming, and more effective.

Attorney Doug Stoehr takes cases for clients who are experiencing chronic pain due to an accident or injury due to the fault of another.  For more information on his Altoona, PA area practice, please visit his website at or call his office at 814-946-4100.

To read more of the original article, and for more of their tips on dealing with chronic pain at the office, please click here. 

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