Tuesday, September 27, 2011

PA Department of Aging Recognizes Fall Prevention Day

The Pennsylvania Department of Aging, as well as the Pennsylvania Department of Health, officially recognized yesterday, the first official day of fall, as Fall Prevention Awareness Day.  43 other states observed this day as well.  Accidental falls are a major source of medical care and early nursing home admittance for Pennsylvania's elderly population.  It is estimated that, across the United States, fall-related deaths claim about 18,000 people every year.  Hospital bills and medical costs also associated to fall-related accidents amount to about $2B per year. Pennsylvania is an aggressive proponent of preventative safety measures targeted at the elderly population, since the state has such a large percentage of aging residents.  Currently, PA has over 2.4 million residents over the age of 60.  It is also estimated that every 11 minutes, an elderly Pennsylvania resident is hospitalized from a fall injury, and every week, approximately 20 PA residents die from a fall-related injury. 

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