Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Summer Dog Attacks in Pottsville Make Other Towns Consider Their Policies

Throughout the summer, this blog has been mentioning a series of meetings and legislation in the works for Pottsville, PA regarding vicious dog ordinances.  Pottsville has been hit with a wave of dog attacks throughout the summer, which has lead to concern for the safety of the town's residents, especially the elderly and children.  The town passed an ordinance on August 9th that would require owners of dogs viewed as dangerous to take extra precautions in order to own such pets.

Since that ordinance has passed, other towns have considered making similar ordinances to protect their citizens.  Once such place is Minersville, PA.  As a result of nearby Pottsville's ordinance, Minersville is strengthening their vicious dog ordinance.  The new amendment to the ordinance is being voted upon in early September and will include an updated and more specific definition of what a dangerous dog is, as well as removing breed-specific language, which is prohibited by Pennsylvania law.  There will also be more directions and restrictions for owners of dangerous dogs, as well as an outline of applicable fines for not following the ordinance.  The goal of this ordinance is to protect the safety of the citizens and prevent dog attacks in the future.

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