Friday, January 13, 2012

New Medication Options For Chronic Pain

Many sufferers of chronic pain cite that one of their most common and persistent complaints is the inability to find an effective pain management regimen.  Most pain management treatment is multi-faceted, and involves not only medication, but physical/occupational therapy, massage therapy, and exercise.  However, most patients rely on medication daily to help ease or eliminate the bulk of their pain problems.  Effective medication dosage and type is different for every person, but many patients cannot find true relief with any combination of prescription and over-the-counter medications.
 Due to the high rate of chronic pain sufferers, many scientists are looking further into how chronic pain occurs and affects the body.  By knowing how chronic pain symptoms persist in people, scientists will be able to develop more effective drugs to treat the condition.  Interestingly, a recent article came out in that explained some new research pertaining to chronic pain drug options.  Referencing research data from Science magazine, the article explained that a study was done that has shown that very high dosages of opiate medications can greatly reduce or completely relieve chronic pain symptoms in most patients.  By exposing the irregular chronic pain nerve pathways to high amounts of opiates, it can somewhat re-wire those pathways to change how the body perceives pain.   This new research, with further testing, could prove to be the most promising answer to truly eliminating chronic pain.

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