Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dog Attack in Everett, PA

Everett, PA recently made national news when the Seattle Times covered a story about a vicious dog attack in the small town.  The article was originally written by Jennifer Sullivan on 8/27/2012 and the link to the story may be found here.

Everett police say two dogs escaped from their yard and went on a “chomping spree” Saturday, attacking five people and killing a cat.
Police say the first person was attacked at 6:30 a.m. in the 1300 block of Lombard Avenue. Officers found a 44-year-old man with bites to his legs and back. The man told officers that the two dogs crossed the street and attacked him. The attack was interrupted by a passerby who scared the dogs away, police said.
The victim was hospitalized for non-life-threatening injuries.
Police tracked the dogs down and one officer was bitten on the leg. The dogs, one of which killed a cat in front of police, ran off when the officer used his Taser on them
Officers soon learned of other victims of dog bites: a 27-year-old woman, a 54-year-old woman and a 44-year-old man.
The 27-year-old woman was bitten while after she got out of her car at work while the 54-year-old woman was attacked by the dogs as she was outside in her driveway.  When the dogs bit her, the woman shouted and waved her arms and the dogs were scared away.  After the dogs left the woman noticed her pants had punctures in them, but she was not injured.
The man was bitten while he was sleeping in the 1800 block of Broadway. The man walked to Providence Regional Medical Center for injuries to his feet. The man reportedly scared the dogs away by yelling and swinging his backpack, police said.
While tracking the animals, officers used their PA systems to warn residents of the dangerous dogs.
Police caught up with the dogs, again, in the 1500 block of Grand Avenue. Officers used a Taser on one dog, a pitbull. The dog died during officers’ attempts to restrain it, according to police spokesman Officer Aaron Snell. The second dog, a boxer, was found after it returned to its home in the 1700 block of Lombard.
The dog was impounded by Everett Animal Services for quarantine. No decision has been made on whether it will be euthanized.
The dogs were deemed potentially dangerous dogs in August 2011 by Everett Animal Services.  No charges have been filed against the owners of the dogs.  An investigation is ongoing.

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