Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Warning Signs of a Bad Nursing Home

According to US and World News, there are several warning signs you can look for to see if a loved one in a nursing home is recently subpar care.  Many of the warning signs the article noted involve examining your elderly relative's reaction to people and aspects of the home.  In this way, substandard care may become apparent through your loved one's emotional or physical changes, including looking unhealthy, sudden changes in appetite, and becoming easily agitated or fearful around certain people.  Additionally, if your relative mentions that they don't want a particular person to take care of them, that might be a sign of a serious problem, such as abuse or neglect.  If your relative also appears malnourished or dehydrated, that is a definite warning sign of a potential problem.

Another way to examine the care of a nursing home is to examine its staff. If they don't answer or deflect your questions, that may be a sign of a potential problem.  Additionally, if there is a large staff turnover rate and if the staff appear frantic, disorganized, or inadequate, it might be time to examine the nursing home's workings and day-to-day operations further to make sure your loved one's needs are being met.  Also, if you notice that phones are often ringing and remain unanswered consistently, this may be a red flag as to quality of care.

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