Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Camp Hill Workers Fight For Residents' Rights

According to The Sentinel,  Camp Hill nursing home workers are fighting for the rights of their residents.  Workers from the Golden Living Center in Camp Hill have been picketing outside the facility to demand quality care for residents and quality jobs for employees.  The employees are represented by a Pennsylvania nursing home union which has over 10,000 members.  This display from the workers is part of a statewide campaign to make the public aware of the decreasing quality of case for nursing home patients, largely due to staffing issues and shortages of necessary supplies.

Some of the workers from the Golden Living Center also attended a protest at the state capitol building in Harrisburg.  The protest was in support of a state senate bill that would make nursing homes more accountable to be appropriately staffed and have sufficient funding.  It was noted in the article that staffing is the number one complaint of Pennsylvania nursing home workers.  In fact, almost 30% of surveyed nursing home workers said that their facilities are never properly staffed.  Nursing homes and other extended care facilities employ nearly 200,000 PA workers.

The Sentinel also reported that "A recent survey conducted by the Service Employees International Union of nursing home workers across the state found that 68 percent reduced living expenses in 2012 — half of which cut back on food allowances. The survey said 12 percent of employees worked more than one job to make ends meet while 11 percent received public assistance, such as food stamps, and 21 percent insured their children through CHIP or Medicaid programs."

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