Wednesday, May 8, 2013

PA Ruling on Nursing Home Unionized Representatives

The blog section of recently posted an article about the state of workers unions for nursing homes in Pennsylvania.

Within the article, it is noted that an April 5th ruling by the US Circuit decreed that new owners of a PA nursing home in Cambria County must deal with a union that was representing employees in the nursing home, which was previously owned by the county. The new owners of this nursing home had initially been resistant to working with the union rep employees and did not allow some of them to work at the facility.  Due to the resulting complaints, the National Labor Relations Board got involved and ruled on the side of the previously unionized employees. According to the blog article, "this decisions means that private successor employers may have to bargain with former public employer's employees".  In this case of this particular nursing home, the new private employer will have to offer the previously rejected employees their jobs back and also give them any back pay. A state's obligation to recognize, bargain, and hire representatives varies widely.

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