Friday, October 4, 2013

Distracted Driving

As we pointed out in our post on Tuesday, Fall begins the season where we need to be more cautious while driving due to dangerous road conditions.  Did you know distracted driving is not just limited to cell phone use? Eating or drinking, searching for or moving an item in the car, having a very involved conversation with another passenger and even looking at a map or GPS are all factors that can take away your focus and stop you from giving your full attention to the road. 
If you are involved in a car accident, most states, including Pennsylvania, have at least one section on the incident report dedicated to distracted driving violations.  Fines and charges may increase if you are cited with one of these violations. 
In addition to fines and charges for distracted driving, you also are putting yourself and others in danger.  Please watch this video on a young Pennsylvania girl named Casey Feldman who fell victim  to a distracted driver while crossing the street. We encourage all of our readers to remember to stay focused while driving, especially as dangerous weather approaches us. 
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