Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vicious Dog Ordinance in Pottsville

Earlier in the summer, this blog talked about the possibility of changing dog laws in Pottsville, PA after a wave of dog attacks hit the area. As a result of a town hall meeting, the city has introduced a new "vicious dog ordinance".  This ordinance is not breed-specific, but would require owners of dogs viewed as vicious to take extra measures, such as paying a fine, applying for a special license, and putting up signs around their property.  If these measures, along with others listed in the ordinance, are broken three times, the dog must be euthanized at the owner's expense. This ordinance will be voted on by the City Council on August 8th.

Most of the time, dogs are faithful and loving household pets that interact well with family, friends, and neighbors.  However, sometimes dogs can attack others without warning.  These attacks can be extensive and lead not only to physical injury, but also psychological issues.  If you have been the victim of a dog attack and would like to consult with a lawyer, Attorney Doug Stoehr would be willing to meet with you. Please contact our law office to get more information or to set up a time for your consultation.

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