Monday, August 22, 2011

"Minor" Injuries Can Do Major Damage

When a person is injured, whether it it's a car crash, slip and fall, or another situation, the hurt party may feel that their injuries are minor or not significant.  Although this is sometimes the case, sometimes seemingly minor injuries can develop into serious and major problems. Many people initially write off their injuries as minor aches and pains that will decrease over time, but unfortunately, this is not always true.

An article originally published by Newsweek magazine talked about an excellent example of this phenomenon.  In this story, a woman had suffered from a "minor head trauma" as a result of a bike accident.  Although she seemed on the road to recovery at the start, she talked about persistent problems that lingered as a result of her accident.  It now is more difficult for her to communicate with others, perform her job, and even write legibly.  Keeping this story in mind, it is important to monitor your mental and physical problems after an accident to see whether you are actually recovering or whether you need to re-evaluated by a physician for possible lingering and worsening problems.

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