Thursday, October 27, 2011

Elder Housing Complex Under Fire In Franklin County

Village Green Apartments in Waysnesboro, PA has received complaints filed against them through Franklin County Housing Authority with the Department of Aging, the Elder Abuse Unit of the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office, and Department of Housing and Urban Development. The apartment complex, which caters exclusively to the elderly and disabled, had recently installed new toilets, shower heads, and heating pumps that are more energy-efficient, but do not meet the needs of their tenants.  Unfortunately, these new money saving mechanisms are not user-friendly and, in some cases, are also unsafe. 
Many of the Village Green residents have reported problems with the new installations of devices, ranging from inability to control heat/air flow, unsafe and inefficient toilets, to unusable shower heads.  Many of the elderly residents could not properly control the heat and air mechanisms in their apartments due to problems with the air flow mechanism, resulting in a lack of cool air during the hot summer months, and frigid cold temperatures during the cold spells of fall.  The new toilets are also not sturdy enough to accommodate the special chairs and other devices that people with special needs to use the bathroom. One elderly woman had reported making 40 calls to the energy services company for repairs related to the installation of her new and mandatory energy-efficient system.  Tenants were told to apply for reasonable accommodations to be made for the installations, and have received over 75 requests already.
Attorney Doug Stoehr is a personal injury lawyer serving western and central Pennsylvania.  He has litigated several claims involving elder abuse. For more on his career and firm, please click here.

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