Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Research Allows Doctors to "See" Pain

One of the major diagnostic obstacles in treating patients with pain is effectively locating and evaluating the source of pain.  Since every person reports the intensity and frequency of pain differently (for example, a burn to you may only be a nuisance, but could be considered extremely painful by another), doctors have traditionally had problems treating symptoms of pain.  To combat this problem, researchers in Sweden have developed a tool that allows doctors to physically see pain areas with the use of a PET scan.  By injecting a certain biological compound into the bloodstream, doctors can put patients in PET scan and see where the compound accumulates in the body, thus denoting the area and intensity of the pain.  This technique is still undergoing clinical trials, and is focused on diagnosing and treating whiplash pain.  If the trials are successful, it is probable that this tool may become more accessible and common for treating all diagnoses of pain across the world. 

Whiplash and corresponding chronic pain, es common after a wide variety of accidents and injuries, such as car accidents.  It is very important to monitor your pain and consult with a knowledgeable physician if you suspect that you may have a case of chronic pain.  Attorney Doug Stoehr is a personal injury lawyer located in Altoona, PA and serving the central and western Pennsylvania area.  For more information on him and his firm, please click here.

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