Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Suffers of Chronic Pain Speak Out

Chronic pain may seem like a distant and unimaginable condition unless you or someone you know suffers from the disease.  As chronic pain is becoming an increasing diagnosed and more scientifically acknowledged medical condition, many suffers are speaking out and offering their stories relating to their struggle with the disorder.  One of these stories was written up as part of a series by the Vancouver Sun.  In an article titled "You mean this isn't going away?", a woman named Cathryn Morgan spoke out about her battle with chronic pain following a car accident.  A former teacher, Morgan is now an author of children's books dealing with long-lasting pain.  Morgan found herself unable to perform her job as a teacher, even in a part-time capacity and says that it often feels like "fireworks are exploding in her head"; for this reason, it took her an extraordinarily long time to publish her book, since she could not physically bear to sit down in front of her computer for more than thirty minutes a day. Others have also spoken out and publicized the issue of chronic pain, such as 29 year old Melanie Thompson, author of "The Pain Chronicles", and Jennifer Grey, star of the original Dirty Dancing.

Once we begin to put personal stories and faces to the disease of chronic pain, it becomes obvious how much sufferers of chronic pain deserve proper care for their disorder.  This is especially true for accidents caused by another personAttorney Doug Stoehr is a lawyer located in Altoona, PA who has successfully negotiated claims for those who have chronic pain as the result of personal injury.  For more information on him and his firm, please click here.

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