Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ohio Nursing Home On Federal Watch List

Fox News recently ran a national news article highlighting a Cincinnati-area nursing home which was recently placed on a Federal Watch List.

As stated in the article, a Cincinnati nursing home has been placed on a watch list after inspections that found several issues, including an instance of sexual abuse of an older patient. Over 130 nursing homes in the country are being targeted because of problems that have occurred within their facilities.  Within the article, it is mentioned that "homes get on the list after a high number of deficiencies over an extended period".  In this particular case, a male patient had sexually abused a female patient; both parties were suffering from dementia. Allegedly, the man had found an access code to the women's section and sexually abused a female patient.  Other problems with the facility included a lack of RN on duty at all times, and a patient was not given the correct medication dosage.

The specific federal watch list this institution was placed on is called a Special Focus Facility List.  This list's goal is to motivate facilities to fix their problems or they may not be allowed to participate in Medicare/Medicaid programs.  Facilities on this list receive an increased number of inspections and attention.

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