Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nursing Guilty in Nursing Home Killings Interviewed on CBS

In an interesting story by the Sacramento Bee, "serial killer" mercy nurse Charles Cullen was recently interviewed by 60 Minutes, a popular show on CBS.  In 2006, Mr. Cullen was sentenced with killing at least 29 nursing home and hospital patients in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Originally, Cullen claimed that he was killing these patients for mercy deaths, i.e., to end their prolonged suffering.  He administered fatal drug overdoses to these patients, most of whom were old and/or seriously ill. 

In his 60 Minutes interview, Cullen was reminded that some of his victims were not close to death.  He then said that he sometimes felt overwhelmed and could not justify his actions.  He also said that he did not know if he would have stopped killing patients if he had not been caught.  Currently, he is serving multiple life sentences in prison.

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