Monday, April 8, 2013

What People With Chronic Pain Want You To Know

The Huffington Post recently covered an article focusing on the few things that people suffering from chronic pain would like others to know. Many people suffering from chronic pain not only deal with the physical pains of the disease, but also the emotional pains that come from having conflict with family and friends over the disease.  Sometimes, people with chronic pain find it difficult to do simple, everyday things that healthy people take for granted.  This can cause conflict when healthy family members or friends do not fully understand what their pain-enduring counterparts are dealing with.

According to the article, many sufferers of chronic pain feel that often, most people believe that they use their diagnosis as a crutch or excuse to get out of an activity.  That couldn't be further from the truth.  Additionally, chronic pain is called chronic for a reason.  This diagnosis means that most people feel some level of pain constantly and it can persist for months or years.  Just because the injury is old does not mean that it hurts any less.

Additionally, it often becomes tiresome and irritating when others mention common remedies for treating pain.  Chances are, the chronic pain patient has tried just about every avenue possible to relieve their pain and resume a normal, pain-free life.  Stemming from that idea, chronic pain can also make a person feel depressed and irritated.  Depression and chronic pain are often co-occurring diagnoses.  It also means that the disorder can affect the ability to sleep, leading to chronic fatigue and potential irritability. Taking all these things in mind, it is important to be sensitive and aware of what those suffering from chronic pain are dealing with.

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