Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bill to Protect PA Residents Against Dependent-Care Abuse

A recent bill successfully passed in Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives that would act to amend PA’s Crime Code to include protection from abuse by caretakers of care-dependent citizens. This bill works to explain what caregiver abuse would consist of, including failure to provide goods, services, and treatments, as well as actual physical or mental abuse. The law as it stands now only protects against physical harm. The bill will now move on to the State Senate to be voted on in the coming weeks. Bill 1053 was drafted as a result of a series of elder abuse incidents involving personal care homes in Palmyra, PA.
Care-dependent citizens, such as the elderly and mentally disabled, have been subject to an increasing amount of abuse and neglect in the past years. Sadly, abuse and neglect can occur for weeks, months, or years before family members or friends really comprehend or realize what is happening. This new bill will hopefully prevent some of these instances from occurring, and work to clearly define what caregiver abuse consists of and what the punishments will be for that offense.
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