Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sharing the Road: Hazards for Summertime Recreation

Recently, two bicyclists in downtown Pittsburgh were struck by an SUV that hit the two men and continued driving. The two Children’s Hospital doctors suffered serious injuries, including a concussion, facial fractures, and a broken leg, hip, shoulder, and arm. This accident is an example of what can happen when bicyclists and vehicles do not share the road in a responsible and safe manner.
As the summer begins and the weather improves, many people will gravitate outside to run, bike, walk, and spend time with their families. Although this can provide an excellent outlet for fun and recreation, it can also lead to potential bicycle and pedestrian accidents. When driving this summer, be alert for pedestrians and bicyclists on the road, especially small children that may not be easily seen. By being alert and considerate and sharing the road, you will avoid serious injuries and complications to those around you. If you plan to bike or run this summer, wear bright colors and make sure that you give appropriate and clear turning signals with your arms so that drivers know when and where you intend to turn.
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