Wednesday, June 29, 2011

“E-Legs” Aid Those Suffering From Paralysis

A San Jose, CA company is pioneering a new technology called “e-legs” that allows people suffering from spinal cord injuries to walk again. These medical devices take steps for the patients, who just have to keep their balance and shift their weight to keep moving. As of this time, there are only two sets of e-legs in existence, which are being tested in 10 California hospitals. One of the trial participants, a young woman who became paralyzed in a car accident, explains that it gives her a feeling of hope and freedom. The young woman was injured while texting and driving her car, and encourages others to avoid this practice. As previously mentioned in this blog, texting and driving is now illegal in Pennsylvania and is considered a primary offense.
Severe brain and spinal cord injuries, especially as a result of a motor vehicle accident, can be extremely debilitating and disheartening to experience and overcome. Attorney Stoehr has experience working with those suffering from brain and spinal cord injuries as a result of an accident at the fault of another. If you would like to consult with Attorney Stoehr at the Law Offices of Attorney Doug Stoehr at no cost to you, please contact our law office.

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