Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Construction Accident in York, PA

A York, PA employee died this summer as a result of a cave-in at a trench he was working in at Manheim Township.  The construction worker was employed by York Excavating, a company that had violated two OSHA standards on a construction site in 2009.  It is possible in this situation that OSHA violations also occurred.  Attempts to save the worker were unsuccessful due to the unstable nature of the land surrounding the trench.

Working on construction sites is potentially hazardous for employees, especially when employers fail to follow all established safety procedures and protocol.  It is also a potentially dangerous place for bystanders. These construction claims often involve potential 3rd party claims against other liable defendants, in addition to your workers compensation claim.  In a related matter, Attorney Stoehr settled a claim in 2010 for over a million dollars for a man seriously injured near a hole that had been recently excavated.  If you have been injured working on a construction site or as a bystander near a construction site, please contact our office  for more information or to set up a free consultation with Attorney Doug Stoehr.


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