Monday, July 18, 2011

PA Legislators Crack Down on Drunken Boating

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives is proposing an amendment to House Bill 78, which would allow prior drunken boating convictions to be taken into account when reviewing a current drunken boating conviction. The major proponent of the amendment, Representative Mike Hanna (D-Clinton/Centre) proposed this amendment in part to correct the inequity between sentences for DUI in vehicles and DUI in boats, with the latter currently carrying a much lighter sentence.

Boating accidents see an expected and marked increase in the summer, especially involving intoxication while driving a boat.  In this area, Glendale and Raystown lakes are arguably the most susceptible places in our local area for such occurrences.  Victims of boating accidents injured due to the fault of another may have lasting and extensive injuries that result in compounded medical bills and significant changes in mobility and ability.  Attorney Doug Stoehr is an attorney serving western and central Pennsylvania that handles cases involving personal injury. If you would like to consult with him about your case, please contact our law office.

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