Friday, September 30, 2011

Managing Bills For Chronic Pain

For sufferers of chronic pain, the medical expenses often add up and can become overwhelming very fast.  A recent article by the New York Times offered some tips and tricks for effectively managing healthcare bills related to chronic pain expenses.  One of the most important tips the NYT offered was to find a knowledgeable primary care physician that can take care of you on a more personal level.  They may be able to administer tests and perform procedures in their office, avoiding costly specialist visits and the possibility of duplicate tests.  Additionally, the article recommends finding affordable mental health services, since people with chronic pain are much more likely to suffer from mood disorders, such as depression and anxiety.  Although your health insurance may not cover psychological visits, you might be able to find some community resources or self-management resources.

One of the most important and least expensive ways to keep medical costs down for chronic pain is to exercise.  After consulting with a doctor, it could be very helpful to do stretching or light cardiovasular excerises.  Your insurance company may also pay for a small number of physical or occupational therapy visits, which may be enough sessions to allow you to learn the exercises and techniques you need to master in order to stay fit and regain some health back.  Also, it is important to find a doctor who can effectively manage your pain medications to keep your costs down while still regulating your pain relief effectively as much as you can.

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